To buy a house in a place like Bangalore, you need to be really lucky, rich, or should have bought one before the IT boom to have one of your own. We tried to buy our dream home from long before the IT boom, and the hunt continued right through the IT boom. We just seemed to have been a call late as the house we wanted just got sold…or the house was above our budget, or the house we went to visit with high expectations turned sour as we looked at typical hole in the walls!!


We had to work out alternatives, this hunt seemed to be never ending….so if buying a house is like climbing the Mount Everest, why don’t we make a few compromises and settle for something which came our way? I kept asking everyone at home. A nice house within our budget, maybe a little away from the heart of the city, or maybe a residential site could be bought and a beautiful house built on it?  My mom and dad would hear none of it…


My mom always said “I grew up in Frazer Town and so I need a house in Frazer Town. Period.” Hmm….man, was it getting difficult?


I tried to convince her and dad as much as I could that getting a house in the heart of the city was impossible with our budget and we will need to move closer to the ring road. My mom promptly replied “My God will provide”, to which I smiled….


Days became months, months turned into years………..and our search for a house went on and on……..for nearly 20 long years.


One evening as I got home, my mom and dad were away. My sister told me they had gone to see a house earlier and thought it was nice… and mom and dad had gone to talk to the real estate agent… many times have I heard this before?? a zillion times…


There are always some good houses away from our reach and some not to good ones which we are not interested in…I thought and went to my computer. I was on a call with my friend when my sister walked up to me and said “you just missed the moment….we just bought the house”…………WHAT???? I nearly shouted and walked to the hall and found my mom and dad smiling and quietly said “yes”. A million questions came to my mind…WHERE, HOW, WHEN, WHAT….??


It happened in a jiffy my mom said, they saw the house (a lovely apartment) and paid the token advance all within a span of just an hour or so. WOW, unbelievable !!..


Next day I went along with everyone to see our apartment ….it was late evening and was the apartment in the heart of the city? Man, it was right on the main road, the main road of main roads, absolutely no side path, no gullies…car parking included! The rooms were brightly lit, every room had a balcony (wide ones………… including the kitchen!!)


I stood in awe……….


Very soon the proceedings of paper work, registration and shifting fell into place. We were finally moving to our own home.


The first day at our new home will remain forever etched in my memory, as  I walked out of the bedroom into the hall, my jaw dropped…every room was bathed in sunlight streaming through the balconies, windows and doors, perfectly light up!. It was a perfect house, perfectly painted with perfect tiles on the walls, floor, very apt kitchen cabinets, and cupboards. A beauty to behold!


A perfect gift from God, received on a platter! My God is a miracle working God for those who believe. My God is not a God who parted the red sea thousands of years ago, or provided manna to his people long long ago or gave David his victory over Goliath long back, he is a God right here, right now, working among his people taking care of their needs.  He is not a God of long ago but a God of today, tomorrow, for ever…these words run through my mind every morning as I walk from bedroom to the hall and watch our home bathed in sunlight! My mom reaped the harvest of her faith and how!














































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